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If you are submitting any raw code (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SCRIPT, META, etc.) This includes any META VERIFICATION or ANALYTIC TRACKING codes,
Please copy the code in a word or text document and upload the file to ensure we receive the complete code.
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Email Support

Please note our email service is complimentary for full service or greater hosting packages only. Our support only covers the online email panel and does not cover your devices or 3rd party software (iphone, outlook, etc.). If support is needed for those devices you may incur a fee of $79 per hour for tech support. Email activations are also only accommodated for clients who's domain we host. You will be emailed detailed instructions on how to configure your devices if you choose not to use our online email panel and prefer using software like outlook or you may visit for instructions. You are limited to 5 complimentary emails under this service, each additional will be billed $15 per year per address above 5.

Website Change Request

Please note website changes are complimentary to Full Service and above hosting clients. Website changes typically complete within 1 business day, our current production day cutoff is 12:00PM Mountain Time.

Typical items not included complimentary (unless included in your support package):

  1. New pages added
  2. New page/site designs
  3. New Sections (unless already on the page)
  4. Content Writing
  5. SEO Enhancements
  6. Shopping cart management
  7. Graphic design
  8. Stock or Purchased Photos
  9. Third Party Integrations

Customizations that are not included may be billed a la carte, per project or at our development rate of $129 per hour. You will be notified if your request is not included or may incur a fee prior to commencement.

Website Change Request

Example: Home, About Us, Contact, Etc.
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